Unexplained phenomenon

What is that? What caused it ? Rings in mist over northern lake Beauty In Nature Day Lake View Lakeside Landscape Mist Over The Water Morning Nature No People Outdoors Reflections In The Water Rings In Mist Scenics Sky Tree Tree Lined Water Unexplained Phenomenon Unique Fog Rings Up North Water Window Wisconsin
Orbs Anybody? Orbs Spirit Orbs Spirit Photography Unexplained Phenomenon Unexplained World Around Us Unseen What Is That? One Person What Is That In The Photo
This photo was taken in pitch dark with a muted flash. Notice the "rod" flying in the upper left. It wasnt there when i took it. Science may deny their existance, but im a believer now😲 Taking Photos Minimalism The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Plants And Flowers Unedited Check This Out Android Photography Abstractlovers Abstract Single Light Source Abstractlovers Single Light Source Abstract World Around Me Cryptozoology Alien Life Form Unexplained Phenomenon
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