Cuteness enabled.. @dpgraphy
Very calm and quick learner of human language...'Moyna Pakhi'. Pets Birds Talking Bird Outdoors Imitator @dpgraphy
Colour Of Life Hanging Out Oldfriends Freedom HelloSea! Invitation That's Me Cherish The Moment @dpgraphy
It's like discover yourself when you can feel the loneliness of mountain valley and silence.Its soothing breeze and eye-catching beauty always makes me feel the goodness of my soul and refresh me like wonderful mornings in my life.It excites me to live in her lap and playing with clouds forever. Finding New Frontiers Friendsforever Littlebrother Having Quality Times Vacations Sky Nature Outdoors Togetherness Freedom Hanging Out Gettogether @dpgraphy
Symbol of Peace @dpgraphy
Colour Of Life Makingart Idolatry Festive Season Enjoyment Gettogether Spending Time With Loved Ones♥ Family And Friends @dpgraphy
Hanging out togethernessishappiness Birthdaybash cherish the moment @dpgraphy
Skyline Horizon @dpgraphy
Shadow in mirror @dpgraphy
Study Hard...Work hard @dpgraphy