Nature is

Check This Out Hanging Out Relaxing Enjoying Life Taking Photos Home Taking Photos EyeEm Edits rock Nature Is amazing‼️‼️ Outside Cheese! Hi! That's Me Clouds And Sky Geese also star of this photo is the Herron Cruising Around the lake. The Herron is the only Truly Wild foul on the lake. Also learned that those herrons can land and take off out of a trees🤔🤔😎😎 Maybe Make Friends if he hangs around. I incorporated several almost empty boxes of Cereal to feed to my feathered friends. They loved the multi-grain Cheerio's. The turtles leaned toward rice Chex Cereals
Still making okra. Such a gorgeous plant Nature Is
Another Lilly in my back yard jungle. So Faintly Pink I am thinking this is the 1st time it's bloomed. One of those that Only Bloom 1time every 6 or 7 years Check This Out Hello World Taking Photos Relaxing EyeEm Edits rock Nature Is
Just a quiet little bird that sits on the fireplace in the summer Nature Is