Jim Warrier cruising Tokyo Skateboarding Guccighost Tokyo Japan
Dog's Life Brooklyn Guccighost Trap House Troubleandrew Craigwetherby chillin with Beau
TakeoverMusic An impromptu DJ crew; friends Trevor and Greg joining DJ Will Shott (on left) at the Guccighost launch party in Mexicocity  , singing the song 'Hotline Bling'
People And Places Guccighost Trap House before the FW17 Gucci opening in NYC > Squad reunion for the big event Brooklyn Newyorkcity Troubleandrew Art Dedication
Showcase July Hanging out with Herndada at the Guccighost trap house,' in Brooklyn Newyork > A place where artists, friends and musicians come together to hang, create and enjoy > Troubleandrew Guccighost Art Creativity
In Tokyo for the week for Guccighost launch in Ginza > rskateboarding around the city with the crew Tokyo Japan Guccighost
Chair Indoors  Food And Drink Table Furniture No People Alcohol Food Day GUCCI Guccı Gucci Mane Gucci Gucci Milano Gucciguilty GUCCI GUILTY Gucci Belt Guccibag Guccighost Vetrina Vetrine Gucci Day Gucci_guilty Gucci !
Colors And Patterns Guccighost Tokyo Troubleandrew > Gucci Ghost launch at Ginza Gucci store, The Neon Room, one of many themed areas and rooms for opening party > Goodtmies Japan October 11, 2016