Mt. Dana

Early morning mountain view | The sun rose above Mt. Dana in the east and cast yellow and orange hue everywhere it touched. The morning haze over the mountains and the forest was slowly lifting, and the whole area started coming into clear view. White Mountain loomed in the far left corner of the view. Tioga Peak was also seen. It is always good to be higher in elevation to appreciate what’s surrounding us. And seeing the endless field of trees from the top of Lembert Dome reminded me of just that. What a beautiful place to enjoy the early morning mountain view. Yosemite National Park, CA Adventure Beauty In Nature Forest Granite Rocks Hiking Landscape Landscape Photography Meadow Mountain Mountain Range Mt. Dana Nature No People Outdoors Rock Domes Sierra Nevada Sky Sun Sunlight Sunrise Tioga Peak Tuolumne Meadows White Mountain Wilderness Yosemite National Park
Reflections Mt. Dana and Mammoth Peak and Kuna Crest North beyond Glacier Canyon are reflected in Tioga Lake. Yosemite National Park, California Adventure Beauty In Nature Blue Blue Sky Colorful Rocks Lake Landscape Mountain Mountain Range Mt. Dana Nature No People Outdoors Reflection Snow Covered Tioga Lake Tranquil Scene Tranquility Travel, Water Yosemite National Park
Mountain skyscraper fading into faint haze | The sweeping view of the mountain range from the top of Mt. Hoffmann was beyond impressive. Although it was not extremely tall, it was the highest point at the elevation of 10,856 feet in this part of Yosemite National Park, so it provided a great vantage point for us to be able to pick out the tall peaks across the park. The breathtaking mountain skyscraper, slightly fading into a faint haze, consisted of the park’s 12K and 13K feet high peaks. From the left of the frame, Mt. Conness and White Mountain sat firmly. Mt. Dana, second tallest peak (13,057 ft), loomed (slightly off centered to the left). Among the slew of jagged peaks close to the right of the frame, Mt. Lyell, tallest peak (13,114 ft), prominently rose. And to its right, the conspicuous Mt. Florence also sat while claiming its tenth tall peak title in the park. Close to us, the unmistakable Cathedral Peak (exactly centered, right below the skyscraper) sat before the hazy layer of mountains. To its right, Tenaya Peak and its slanted ridgeline sloped down to Tenaya Lake. And below us the blue water May Lake rested. Yosemite National Park, CA Adventure Beauty In Nature Cathedral Peak Cockscomb Forest Lakeshore Landscape Landscape Photography May Lake Mountain Mountain Peak Mountain Range Mt. Conness Mt. Dana Mt. Florence Mt. Hoffmann Mt. Kuna Nature No People Outdoors Sky Tenaya Lake White Mountain Wilderness Yosemite National Park
California Day Lake Mountain Mt. Dana Nature No People Outdoors Scenics Snow Tree Water Winter Yosemite National Park