Marina Rose

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My only Daughter will turn 25 this coming August. I became pregnant Literally 4 days before I lost my 1st born son Tyler to a Grandmaul seizure. You can Never replace a child, but knowing she was growing inside of me really helped me put my focus on her rather than having my Grief be my life. She gave me something wonderful to look forword to. Something I could take care of. Its difficult to go from being someones Mommy, to nothing. Anyway, when I discoverd the pregnacy, her dad and I had been through a very difficult and painful 8 weeks. I had actully moved away. When I told him he said he wasnt intrested... Like I was offering him a puppy or somethin! 😮 I quickly realized I was on my own. I adjusted to that fairly quickly and I think I did well. I went and began to study for my GED and had the goal of getting it before my Daugjter's birth. During that time I began to come up with names, I had a couple I really liked , but eventully I decieded on Korrin, I knew I wanted one of her middle names to be Rose after my BestFriend (Im a 2 middle names kinda Gal) I decided that I wanted her other middle name to Describe the Rose, so. lucky for me there was a poster at my school that had a bunch (like 20 something) of Roses on it and the names of the rose underneath it. I chose the peachy pinkish rose- like the one in this Picture. It was calles a Marina Rose. So that became my Daughters name - Korrin Marina Rose. It wasnt until I was pregnant with My son Evan 3 years later, that I discovered the meaning of her name. I was flipping through one of those names books and I found that Korrin means "Maiden" and Marina means " of the Sea" so I thought it came out Beautifully. Maiden of the Sea. I thought that was pretty neat , for no knowing it when I named her that! that! Lol - I just wanted to share that as I posted this picture of a rose I believe (no matter what) to be a " Marina Rose".This helps me remember how Lucky I am to be her Mom. She came into my life when I felt pain I didnt know exsisted and she made me want to live my life. She is now not only my Daughter she is my very Best friend!!!! Nature Flower Growth Marina Rose Freshness Drop Beauty In Life A Mothers Love Daughter Beauty In Nature Fragility Petal Outdoors Rose - Flower Close-up Pink Color Peach Color Flower Head RainDrop Blooming Droplets Collection Droplets, Water Droplets, Flowers  Mothers And Their Daughters Tranquility Showcase June
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