29 years

Plants Shadowandlight Former Home 29 Years Mum's Home Of 39 Years Memories Singapore
I miss taking mail from a Postbox (ours used to be red) Former Home 29 Years Mum's Home Of 39 Years Singapore
Plants Shrubs Former Home 29 Years Mum's Home Of 39 Years Brick Wall one day we found a very large snake skin stuck on the other side of this wall. Of course it was terrifying! Singapore
After we left, it had been sold another two times. Currently owned by a former judge, it has been rented out to a young family. The parents are new zealanders; their three kids are all born in Singapore. I was feeling emotional and stayed an hour in the garden. My 2 boys were here, looked after by my mum when I was at work. I had during the years, 4 dogs here. Other pets included white mice, guinea pigs, chicks, wild things encountered: snakes of all types and sizes including a huge python (2 police cars arrived to get rid of it from the drain), a cobra which spat in my eye, 3 baby squirrels which we raised, rats mum caught which we sometimes released to spare them from death, numerous frogs and toads, birds nests with eggs in our trees, brazilian parrots (long story), three cats and bats which flitted by at night. My mum went into the house. Trampoline Garden Former Home 29 Years Memories Of Childhood Memories Singapore Mum's Home Of 39 Years
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