Wish world peace

I still remember my birthday wish for this year- wish world peace, a horrible terrorism attack happened on that day few hours later in France, so many people lost their lives, why on earth this world can't be peaceful just a while, for what? Ambition? Money? Resource? Or... Our common people just wanna live a normal peaceful life, don't ruin our tiny normal life~πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» Wish World Peace Pray For France And Whole World Terrorism Vanished From The World Never Be Hurt Again Everywhere Terrorism Is Not A Religon No Terrorism ❌❌❌terrorism❌❌❌
Rain night of 2017, good luck to u all & happy new year, my dears~ Rain Night Life In Motion Authentic Moments Be Happy Forever Enjoying Life Love β™₯ Keep Moving Forward On The Way Wish World Peace
What a bright night here, beautiful moon night, wish everybody in the world be happy and safe~ Hello World Check This Out Enjoying Life Taking Photos Life In Motion Love β™₯ Moon Night Authentic Moments Wish World Peace
Every time I pass by, today I bring u home, love it, it's gentle and soft candle light, love it~ Enjoying Life Authentic Moments Love β™₯ Windy On The Way Happy For Ever Taking Photos Relaxing Colors Wish World Peace Keep Moving Forward