Yoyogi Park, Meiji-Jingu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Ultimate Japan Sunday at Yoyogi Park was eye opening for me. A little taken aback at first. Never before have I seen a park which is super congested. Every nook and corner of this park was unbelievably occupied. My goodness! It was amazing. I can't imagine then how it would be during the peak cherry blossom seasons. Oh my... Incredibly too, the area was still immaculately clean and rubbish were neatly tied up in plastic bags and discarded at the appropriate areas. And the piles just kept getting higher but neatly. Kudos to the Japanese...always start with the locals and the rest will follow suit. Just some set back, toilets are available yet few and far apart too from the next one. Took me 2 hours wait for my turn 😰😭. Yoyogi Park Yoyogi Park Crowd Pond Crowded Place Togetherness Koen Tokyo,Japan Children Family Fun Gathering Streetphotography Street Photography Tokyo Street Photography Streetsoftokyo Park Life Life Daily Life Streetcapture StreetsWithPeople People Together Streetview Neighborhood Map The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
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