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Leopard Bigcat Endangered Species Safari Photographersonsafari Leica Leicacamera Leicavluxtyp114 Kojikam Showcase July Wildlifeheritagefund Headshot Animalportrait Ashford Kent Stare Eyes
Adventure Club This was a reaction shot to a photographers on safari session I did in which photographers were able to get up close and personal (quite literally in my case). I was minding my own business checking over images I had just taken when this guy snuck up on me and as I was falling backwards I managed to get this shot on the way down!!! here's to good shutter speeds!! JAGUAR Leicacamera Leicavluxtyp114 Kojikam Ashford Kent Wildlifeheritagefund Quickthinking
Puma Animal Animalportrait Headshot Leicacamera Leica Leicavluxtyp114 Kojikam Wildlifeheritagefund Bigcat Stare
Safari Leica Headshot Stare Animalportrait Leicacamera Bigcat Ashford Kent Showcase July Wildlifeheritagefund Leicavluxtyp114 Kojikam Photographersonsafari Stripes Tiger
JAGUAR Wildlifeheritagefund Photographersonsafari Leicacamera Leica Leicavluxtyp114 Kojikam Animalportrait Animal Endangered  Graceful Stalking