The Stregnth of the human heart. This was a picture i took when I was still an active community volunteer. A mother and her child (Subanen Tribe) in the remote 6 hours journey up the mountain Sitio. No potable water (only streams), no electricity and is about 30km from the nearest clinic. Life is brutal to say the least and at that day we came up there, their meal for the day was "Salawsaw". Rice mixed with Milo (the packet the girl is holding) with hot water. And that was it for the day. But look at those smiles! Those were unscripted, raw happiness and gratefulness! The stregnth of these people and their positivity made me feel guilty for the things i took for granted. In Sitio Cuyan, Mindanao Philippines Subanen Smile Hope Travel Eye4black&white  Eye4photography  Eyeem Philippines The Human Experience Emotions Human Emotion Black And White Rural Exploration Heal The WorldMake A Difference Photo Journalism People Who Inspire Me  Real People Mother & Daughter People Documentary Photography Hello World People And Places Monochrome Photography