Do you know the story of Pygmalion? In Ovid‘s narrative, Pygmalion was a Cypriot sculptor who carved a woman out of ivory and, after seeing the Propoetides he was “not interested in women”, but his statue was so beautiful and realistic that he fell in love with it. In time, Aphrodite‘s festival day came, and Pygmalion made offerings at her altar. There, too scared to admit his desire, he quietly wished for a bride who would be “the living likeness of my ivory girl.” When he returned home, he kissed his ivory statue, and found that its lips felt warm. He kissed it again, and found that the ivory had lost its hardness. Aphrodite had granted Pygmalion’s wish. He married the ivory sculpture changed to a woman under the goddess’ blessing and they had a daughter, Paphos, from whom the city‘s name is derived. Pictured above is Pygmalion’s point of view when admiring his beloved statue/wife in the interpretation of Italian sculptor Pietro Ceccardo Staggi (1754-1814) in his Pygmalion and Galatea (1790-1792). Aphrodite Classic Love Story Marble Statue Russia Saint Petersburg Tourist Attraction  Architecture Art And Craft Ceiling Classic Art Galatea Hermitage Hermitage Museum Low Angle View Marble Museum Ornate Pygmalion Sculpture Statue Tourist Destination Travel Destinations Yellow
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