Ciampino airport

Rome, Italy โ€“ summer 2016. Police (Polizia) car at Ciampino airport entrance. Aeroporto G. B. Pastine is the main hub of low cost airlines flying from or to Rome. Aeroporto G. B. Pastine Airport Airport Waiting Airportphotography Aviation Aviationphotography Capital Cities  Ciampino Airport Flying Italia Italian Italy Italy Holidays Police Rome Airport Polizia Roma Roman Rome Rome Airport Rome Ciampino Airport Rome Italy Rome, Italy Tourism Tourism Destination Travel Destinations Moving Around Rome
Colour Of Life Roma ! Aeroport โœˆ Ciampino Airport ITALIA TI AMO !
Rome, Italy - September 7, 2017: Electronic flights departures timetable board in Ciampino G. B. Pastine airport Ciampino Airport Delay Delayed DelayedFlight Timetable Airport Departure Departures Fliying Information Medium Information Sign Signboard Time Time Table Be. Ready.
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