Timing and luck

Sudden Impact Time And Place Timing And Luck Lost Pics On A Roll G.P. Tour 15
I took 60-70 shots before I managed to get this one. Drop Water Rain Focus On Foreground Close-up Wet Nature RainDrop No People Rainy Season Outdoors Day Beauty In Nature Every Picture Tells A Story Simplicity About To Fall Handrail Metal Handrail  Timing Is Everything Timing And Luck Timedperfect Panasonic Lumix
Bird Sky Clouds And Sky My Point Of View Blue Sky Blue White Amazing View Perfect Timing And Luck Perfect Moment Artistic PiontOfView View From Below Fine Art Flying High Wings Fly High Motivation
Capturing the tiniest moments☺️ White Color Flower Insect Outdoors Plant No People Freshness Beauty In Nature Black & White Timing And Luck
Sunlight Nature Beauty In Nature Scenics Tranquility Sunbeam Tranquil Scene Outdoors WoodLand Majestic Sky Sun Timing And Luck fall blessings Solvay House Solitude Hospice Beauty In Nature
旬な花 Lotus Flower Seasonal Photography Beauty In Nature Timing And Luck 蓮のはな♡…80% Humidity Osaka Japan
Fun Day Two People Outdoors Togetherness People Boys Childhood Happiness Smiling Child Adult Horse Head Horsestagram Horsing Around♡ Horsing Around Timing Is Everything Timing And Luck Pinyata Piñata Pinata Time FUNNY ANIMALS Funny Faces Funny Faces No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography
Pedestrian Walkway Pedestrian Timingshot Timing And Luck Visual Creativity City Road Tree Car High Angle View City Street Street Road Marking Traffic Stoplight Crossing