"Il est difficile d'être un homme" (André Malraux) #worldrefugeeday "Don't photograph my face please and don't tell my name. I escaped from Nigeria with my wife and daughter. Luckily I found a job in a factory here in Italy ", he said and showed a bullet scar on his hand. Worldrefugeeday The migrants and refugees who arrived in Europe from 2008 to September 2015 in Europe are 874.634 people on 507.000.000 of the whole European population, that's to say the 0,17% (Eurostat, Unhcr). Worldwiderefugeesday Globalrefugeesday Internationalrefugeesday Streetphotography Black And White Collection  Streetphoto_bw Street Photography Bnw Photography Bianco E Nero Black And White Photography Streetphotographer Streetphoto Noir Et Blanc Schwarz Und Weiß Blanc Et Noir Blanco Y Negro Refugees Welcome Refugee Crisis Migrant Crisis Migrants Refugees Migration