.....I could've missed the pain but id've had to miss the dance

Mourning For Our Deceased German Shepard, Sonja. You Were Our Fierce Protector , Constant Companion, Playmate .....above All Else ,family We Grieve For You Sweet Girl . You Stayed With Us For 9 1/2 Years Hurts That You Had To Go. Sissy Was 2 When We Brought You Home So I Think She Aches The Most . We Will Never Forget You And Your Place Can Never Be Filled We're Grateful Dear Sonja For All The Years You Gave To Us Ure Little Chihuahua Pal RooRoo Is Lost W/out You. We All Are. So With This Post And Picture I Remember You Fondly& With Immense Gratitude And A Deep And Everlasting Love. Good Bye Sweet Girl. Dogs Companions Animals Friends Unconditional Love Animal Grief Loss Heartache Beautiful Memories Saying Goodbye .....I Could've Missed The Pain But Id've Had To Miss The Dance This Was Sonja And She Was Our Dog.
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