Unhappily, she switched to girls fast pitch softball....but misses hard ball a lot!

Girl Power My Daughter 10U Girls Travel Softball Mobile Alabama This is the tournament that our girls won to qualify for The Softball World Series that takes place in Florida. Teams from all over the county compete to take part in that tournament. ESPN televises the event. Our girls were so extremely happy. They turned out to go all the way and place in the World Series. Picture is of my child being handed her trophy and running back to her teammates. Sports Are Her Life! She Is BEAST At Sports! I Love It ❤ Being Proud Sport She Outplays And Outruns Any Boyshe's Ever Been Put Up Against 1st Season Ever Playing Girls Softball She Played Boys Baseball From Age 4to Age 10 Making All Stars,always First Pick. Unhappily, She Switched To Girls Fast Pitch Softball....but Misses Hard Ball A Lot! HOW DO I EXPLAIN TO MY LITTLE GIRL THAT GIRLS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL OR COLLEGE BASEBALL??? Why Can't It Be Her Dream To Play At That Level If That's What She Wants? If She Can Hang With The Boys , She Should Be Allowed To Play This Is Modern Feminity!! Some Girls Like Playing Hard Competition Day Tom Boy Is Still Girly! BallPark Running Uniform