Rosemund Beach Resort

"ENTRANCE" Coastal Life Relaxing Sea Simple Set Up Blue Waters
"Red and Blue" Boat Coastal Life Sea Life Blue Waters
"Rush" Sea Fun Sea Waves Enjoying Life Rock Smash Water In Action
"Rocky and Watery Treks" Its the Rosemund's charm led us to an unplanned trip for some salty splashing this summer in the Philippines. It went out that our known route was trashed due to a broken small bridge. Plans were extracted that we should went back home but then, having some connection on my phone prompt me for a first time Google Map Driving experience. Turn left, turn right, high inclination of roads ang rushing slopes down got us more zest for a really good fun. Upon the arrival, this towering cliff with various Mastered Rock formations and textures pushed us deeper to its caves, plus the exhausting huge coastal waves smashes on us hardly, bounced to those solid cliffs, and hit us back again terribly fun. Original Experiences Trek To Waters Rock Formations Towering Cliffs Fun Sea Waves Photography Buddies