Music Man
In A Dancing Mood
Pose Given With A Smile
EyeEm Selects Six Shiva Temple in a ROW
In Her Own Mood 2
An Ariel View Of Rly. Track Of Shyamnagar Stn.
At The End Of A Day
Alone In The Scorchy Heat
At A Fare,Mulajore Kalibari
Loading Van
Naughty Smiling
She Is Celebrating Independence Day With Tri CColour Head Band &Wrist Band
Now Two Kids Are Playing
Game Over
SunGlasses Under Sun
Useful For Display
This Item Is Made By CLAY
Running With Holy Flag
See What Is Hanging ?
An Ariel View Of Market Place Beside Stn.
Six Shiva Temple In A Row
Triangular Park
Eye Gear & Me
Jackfruits Are Hanging
Rainimg Cats & Dogs
Designed Lower
Old & Modern
Licking Ice Cream
Out From The Shop
Mother & Child Waching Electric Ups & Downs Merry Go Round
The Boy Wearing Artificial Tattoo
A Park Beside River Ganga At Shyamnagar
Tree & Wall
Taking Bath At River Ganga At Shymnagar
Waiting For A Bus
Garland Seller
Try To Open The Door
This Pond Is Going To Be A Garbage- WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY
Few Century Old Tree At Kali Bari,Shyamnagar
Future Big Tree Growing Beside A Drain
A Thirsty Girl
Stylish & Smart
Giving Clap
An Ugly Hair Cut
Now Two Kids Are Playing
An Extreamly Tired Man
Walking With Shadow
Sunset Time,River Ganges(Ganga)
Sravan Sankranti Procession
Nuns Are Waiting In Station
At The Time Of Quietness
Bath Beside Road
Construction Materials
Loaded Mini Truck From Behind
Well-dressed Teddy
Sun Sets
Inside The Workshop Of Clay Artist
Csrrying Holy Symbol
Road Side Business
Time Pass
Passing Leisure Time
In Dads Safe Arm
Showing Hair Clip
Standing Alone A Papaya Tree
Feeding With Care
A Vagabond
An Open Space For Play
A Thirsty Girl
Hoisting Of India's National Flag
Carrying Son On Shoulder
Behind The Cage
Carrying Holy Water
Time Pass
Multicolor Leaf Seen At Mulajore Kali Bari
Purchasing Ice Cream
Waiting Girl
Sun Ray Coming From Behind The Cloud
In Side Of A Shoe Store
Busy In Mobile Phone
Pigeons Meeting on Wire
Unknown Red Flower
Road Side Food Stall
A Broaken House
Some Thing Wrong?
A fast food seller
A Motor Driven Van Called VANO
Clay Work Of Goddess Kali At Workshop
In A Conversation With Rickshaw Wala
Yes,I Am In Reflection
Spiral Leaf
Smart Walking
A Train Arrives At The Station