Political posters

A poster for Shinzō Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party hangs over a quiet street in the Kanda district of Tōkyo. Everyday Life Japan Politics Poster Promotion Shinzo Abe Tokyo Travel Vacations Advertisement Balance Campaigning Convenience Store Liberal Democratic Party Political Posters Simple Slice Of Life Stack Street Street Corner Street Photography 安倍 晋三 日本 東京 自民党
Madonna, Hand of God, Malvinas anti Falkland Islands protest post - Beunos Aires, Argentina Architecture Argentina Pic Beunos Aires Building Exterior Close-up Day Falkland Islands Graffiti Madonna Malvinas One Man Only Only Men Outdoors People Political Posters Street Art
Fun fact? Japanese politicians (at least on a local level, soap box, as in they go to a public park with a megaphone and do their spiel. Kinda makes the American political system look like it's infested with a bunch of pussies, no? Tree Cable Power Line  Day Built Structure Electricity Pylon Architecture Outdoors Sky Electricity  No People Building Exterior Traffic Cone City Politics Politicians Political Posters
The Photojournalist - 2016 EyeEm Awards The Great Outdoors With Adobe Telling Stories Differently Rain Man Walking Election Day 2016 Primarys Political Signs Light And Shadow Reflections Window Reflections Architecture_collection Facades Political Posters No Commercial Municipal United States The Journey Is The Destination No Face
Protest banners on a street in Beunos Aires, Argentina Anti Government Argentina Pic Beunos Aires Memoria Political Posters Protest Posters And Banners