Swimming along

People Of The Oceans Unable To Swim Unassisted , Depending On Floaties , She Took To The Ocean Water Like A Dolphin. The Gulf Of Mexico Is Almost Waveless Here So I Often Had To Turn Her Around Very Far Out. I Loved Watching Her Come Alive In The Warm Gulf. Among My Favorite Memories Of Her Babyhood Summertime The South Everyday Emotion Dauphin Island Mobile County Alabama Swimming Along Obvious To Everyone , Lost In Her Own Happy Little World. Real People Real Life Swimming With The Fish Ocean Babies Nature Photography Outside Photography My Little Girl Family In The Water EyeEm Best Shots This Week On Eyeem Everyday Lives
The Essence Of Summer Tin Man Property Number 5 Outside Photography Alabama Mobile County Wilmer Hidden Places Great Find Great Family Everyday Emotion Everyday Lives Nature Photography The South Summertime Creek Father And Daughter Playing Games In The Water Pit Bull Swimming Along Swimming Hole Real Life Real People EyeEm Best Shots This Week On Eyeem
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