Property open to the general public

Picture Of Of Southern Hospitality Danny Watching The Children Play In The Creek Family Owned Property Open To The General Public For Swimming , Cooking Out &getting Together. Family Only Asks For Donations To Pay The Light Bill In The Building They Cook Out Every Weekend To Feed Anyone Who Might Care To Eat, Again Only Asking For Donations. Nobody Is Turned Down For Inability To Pay Family Environment I Stumbled Upon This Property Locals Call The Creek& Property The Tin Man Bc Of The Handmade Metal Sculpture Of A Tin Man By The Road My Unique Style Kindnessmatters They Were Gracious And Friendly , Inviting My Family My Myself Over For The Fourth Of July Festivities Candid Photography Point Of View Over A Glass THIS IS COMMUNITY! Everyday Lives Making A Difference Dedication To The Happiness Of Their Neighbor Alabama Summer Truestory Real People Real Life Showcase June