Following the black cloud

The Photojournalist - eyeem awards 2016 The Following - A vegetation Fire had just burned 200 acres near a Naval Base in Lemoore California United States. I had been Taking Pictures Following The Black Cloud of Smoke and the Growthof the Fire over the last 2 days and was intrigued by what was Happening In The Skyas a Resultof it all. This is evening no. 2 and the Windshad Started To Shift. Swirls Of Black Smog And Smoke made its way into The Sunset. My friend and I were on our way back to my house. We decided to Follow the Massive Thick Cloud That Drifted into the ever Color ChangingAtmosphere thus, making it hard to resist Capturingthis Bitter Sweet Photograph of captivating pigments that illuminated the skies. We took Photos until we could no longer follow the black smoky clouds as they now blended with the dark star_less night.