Vestal virgins

Statues of the Vestal Virgins in the Roman Forum - Rome, Italy. The Vestal Virgins were priestesses of the Roman Goddess Vesta and were responsible for ensuring the sacred fire never went out. Most of these statues no longer have heads due to likely marauders who ransacked the temple and decapitated the statues. Ancient History The Past Travel Destinations Old Ruin Ancient Civilization Sunlight Clear Sky Tourism Archaeology Outdoors Religion Architecture Day Sculpture Built Structure No People Sky Statue 3XSPUnity Rome Italy Vestal Virgins Tourist Attraction  Historic
Statue in the House of the Vestals, Rome Rome Italy Art Sculpture Statue Stonework Roman Forum Ancient Monument History Classical Marble Roman Historic The Past Figure Woman Portrait Vestal House Of The Vestals Vestal Virgins
Ancient Brick Wall Rome Ruins Travel Vines Woman Built Structure Culture Day Discovery Headless History Human Representation Italy Marble No People Outdoors Roses Sculpture Statue Stone Material Vestal Virgins
Roman Ruins Flowers And Sky Temple Of Vesta Vestal Virgins Roma Roman Forum
Statue Sculpture Architecture Famous Place History Sky Travel Destinations Vestal Virgins Art in Forum Romanum Rome Italy
These are the remains of the building that housed the Flame of the Vestal Virgins Located on Palatine Hill in Rome Italy Historic History Ancient Architecture Ancient Romans Vestal
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