Shes stubborn as the devil. Likehermomma Daddy's Girl Stubborn Detek Summerbreak Mean
daddys girl petting horses first day summer break 2016 Horses Farmlife Summerbreak Daddy's Girl Hanging Out Enjoying Life Detek Relaxing Zionsville Indiana
grilled chz Fire Tasty N.a.p Hustling Detek
Sunset on naptown, whiteriver Dime Life Straptown N.a.p Hustling Detek Hustle Enjoying Life
95% of my time spent in this seat. Driver Detek wheelman
Sunrise in zionsville up all night straped up naptown trap god Trappin Hustle Allnighter Sunrise Detek Zionsville Indiana N.a.p Hustling Dime Life Straptown
Police on the block again, anot Detekher one dead an gone Cops N.a.p Hustling Shooting Straptown R.I.P Murder Dime Life That's Me
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