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Selfie Black And White Portrait That's Me Men With Beards Are Better Lovers the beard has nothing to do it, just going through a scruffy Bastard phase Scruffy Face Dont Care Green Eyes Luck Of The Irish Self Portrait Logger Me The Other Day
Beauty of rain! Luck Of The Irish Rainy Days Rainbow Tree Double Rainbow Nature Scenics Beauty In Nature No People Tranquil Scene Idyllic Tranquility Sky Water EyeEmNewHere
Nature is where we all go when things gets bad its home Cloud - Sky Sky Nature Photography Trees And Sky Nature Blue Home Is Where The Art Is Feel Better Now Feelin Good Luck Of The Irish Day Passion Open Eyes For An Open Mind
Happy St Patrick's Day Irish Girls Celebration Irish Girl People One Woman Only Green Fun Green Eyes Luck Of The Irish For Fun Redken Rachel's Ray
The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards Getting Inspired Feeling Thankful Nature EyeEm Nature Lover Cliffs Cliffs Of Moher  Learn & Shoot: Layering Edge Of The World Protecting Where We Play Q for Quest Landscapes With WhiteWall Ireland Luck Of The Irish The KIOMI Collection Focus Object The Secret Spaces Paint The Town Yellow My Best Travel Photo
4 Leaf Clover Clover Growth Nature Lucky Irish Pride Luck Of The Irish Gift From God Beauty In Nature Beauty In Ordinary Things Pacific Northwest  Oregon Autumn Outdoors Growth Nature Green Color
Ireland Luck Of The Irish WestOfIreland Irish
Look Right Lucky Clover Luck Of The Irish Street Photography Ink Tattoo Streetphotography Sign Street Sign Street Fashion
WestOfIreland Luck Of The Irish Irish Ireland
Ireland Architecture Church Luck Of The Irish
The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Clover Green St Patrick's Natural Pattern Peaceful White Space Simple Outdoors No People Simple Beauty Walking Around Street Photography My Street Luck Of The Irish Nature_collection Natural Beauty Nature_perfection
Portraits Portraiture Black And White Portrait Luck Of The Irish
Ireland Ireland🍀 St. Patrick's Day Belfast Titanic Urban Urban Geometry Architecture The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards Angles Metal Ship Irish Sky City Unusual Skyporn EyeEm Best Shots Luck Of The Irish Building Hello World
Growing In Strange Places Growing Plants Relaxing Original Experiences Curiosity Walking Around Repetition Nature's Diversities Patern Pieces Green Nature Trees Lucky Lucky Shot Luck Of The Irish RePicture Growth Three Is The Magic Number Sunny Day Republica Dominicana
Human Body Part One Person Leaf Human Hand Holding Close-up Real People Green Color Adults Only People Insect Only Women Adult Outdoors Day Wildflowers Shamrock Good Luck Luck Of The Irish Clover Clover Leaf Mother Nature Springtime Spring Flowers Playing Outside
Luck of the Irish Close-up Focus On Foreground Fragility Green Green Color Houseplant Leaf Luck Of The Irish Shamrock Sony A6000
Luck Of The Irish :)
Ireland Showcase March Luck Of The Irish Love Nature Mothernature Mother Earth Rise Of Nature KIOMI Kiomi Collection
Little leprechaun. Human Representation Statue Focus On Foreground No People Sculpture Day Outdoors Close-up Flower Nature Rainbows End Luck Lucky Leprechaun PotOfGold Garden Garden Photography DontWorryBeHappy Smile Tranqility Somewhere Over The Rainbow Luckoftheirish Luck Of The Irish Don't Worry Be Happy Marylandisforcrabs🦀
experimenting ...Check This Out The Week On Eyem Taking Photos Simple Beauty Lighting Effects Luck Of The Irish St Patricks Day Single Light Source Macro Nature Green Green Green!  Light And Shadow Macro Art Singular Night Photography Urban Exploration Backyard Garden Save The Planet God's Beauty Three Leaf Clover Greenery Scenery Green And Yellow  Plants Collection The Great Outdoors - 2016 EyeEm Awards Pastel Colors
Human Hand Human Body Part Close-up Environmental Issues Holding Green Color People Outdoors One Person Day Clover Clover Leaf Good Luck Luck Of The Irish Shamrocks Shamrock Green Leaf Nature Lover Love Heart Heart Shape Palm Palm Of Hand Showing Playing Outside EyeEm Ready
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Good Luck coming my way ... Got home this evening ... looked down... and there was this Four-Leaf Clover by my feet. ♥ TheVille Eye Em Nature Lover Luck Of The Irish Enjoying Life
Blessed  Mirror Souvenir Vintage Shopping Starting A Trip Ireland Love Luck Of The Irish Open Edit
Showcase March Green St. Patrick's Day Luck Of The Irish Shamrock Festive Holiday Decoration Celebration Eye4photography  Eye Em Around The World Indoors  IndoorPhotography Interior Views
Lucky Wasn't Even Looking Human Hand Four Leaf Clover Hoping For Luck I Love Green Beauty In Nature Beautiful Day Cloverleaf Good Mood :) Spring Is In The Air Luck Of The Irish Lucky Day
How I like to cook potatoes :-) The potato was first domesticated in the region of modern-day southern Peru and extreme northwestern Bolivia between 8000 and 5000 BC. It has since spread around the world and become a staple crop in many countries. Food Cooking St. Patrick's Day Luck Of The Irish
Luck of the Irish, my first tats when I was 17 Inked Inkedlife Luck Of The Irish Tattoos
Showcase March Slainte Mhath Green Snow St. Patrick's Day Clovers  Green Color Luck Of The Irish Snow Covered Snow ❄ Hat Festive Theme
Luck Of The Irish
Fourleafclover Luckycharm Luck Of The Irish Clovers
Edit of an old favorite of mine, a little touch of neon green for the upcoming St Patricks day 🍀 St. Patrick's Day Luck Of The Irish Lighter MyOwnArt Darkness And Light Streamzoofamily Extreme Edit Neon Life
Sunset Driving Sky_collection Luck Of The Irish
Lincoln Irish Dancers: Homestead National Monument of America: Luck Of The Irish St. Patrick's Day No Edit/no Filter Check This Out
This is how I make Reuben Sandwiches. -My Grandmother always told me her sister (Fern Snider) invented this sandwich, she said was a waitress at the Blackstone Hotel.She told me of the sandwich contest also, which I always disbelieved until I read it for myself. My Gramma Loved Reuben Sandwiches which is weird because that was the only time she would eat sauerkraut. Anytime she would see they had Reubens on the menu she would order one.. which was quite often here in Omaha. I still think of my Grams when I eat these. Recipe; Seek out the the best ingredients to get the best flavor! Try to get a point cut brisket from a real butcher or deli rather than the vacuum sealed thing in the chain grocery stores. If you are unable to do this do use the vacuum sealed one throw away that little flavorless packet thing and season it yourself as you see fit. I like to use a dry rub of lots of fresh ground pepper, then caraway seeds,kosher salt, Hungarian paprika (hot). Then brown it with a tiny amount of EVOO to get it started in a large cast iron skillet add rosemary,thyme and garlic after it is browned care not to burn the herbs and garlic. Keep in mind it is well raw and nowhere near throughly cooked through(you can not cook a tough cut of meat like this on the stovetop) pre-browing it just brings out more flavor and fat to help it in the crock pot. I will coarse chop ( no long pieces though) half os a cabbage and put that in the crock pot and turn it on low. Add your brisket with all the fat drippings to the crock pot and then it will slow cook transforming it from a disgusting flabbity piece of gross undercooked meat hunk, into a delicious savory tender mouth watering addictive thing of marvelous beauty! Bread: use this as a excuse to seek out local bakeries and try to find a quality bread. Rule of thumb for bread: chain store=bad local bakery=awesome! What you will generally find in a chain grocery will not do your sandwich justice, look for something made at a local bakery(I spent my childhood tagging along with my grandfather who was a lifelong baker and would constantly visit other local bakeries just to make friends and seek out quality breads). Upscale grocery stores will have a better bread choice if that is your only option. Don't be afraid to experiment, German Pumpernickel, Jewish Rye, Light Rye, American Rye. Make your own 1000 Island dressing which is easy it will taste better. I make my own every time and it is always delicious because I make it to taste, guaranteeing it is always good. Cheese: I'm not too picky, usually any Emmental Swiss is good Try to find something not too sharp with too much cheese funk, Baby Swiss is ok, Look for Swiss that has smaller holes and is not aged so long. Sauerkraut: find one you like, no need to be too picky here. try to drain it as much a humanly possible so it does not waterlog your sandwich. Cooking the Sandwich: Which is a very important step. It should be delicious if all your ingredients are good. If your cooking for more than 2/3 people then use two large cast iron pans, I like EVOO instead of butter. Very important you must preheat! but too hot=burned sandwich, while too cold= soggy bread. So preheat the pans, yoiu should be able to feel slightly uncomfortable heat if you place your hand 3 inches above them. Add enough EVOO to coat the pan(if your oil is smoking your pan is too hot). The cast iron hold heat well but still try not to over crowd the pan maybe 2 per pan if it is large. Last thing when you make your sandwitches do not try to make them heaping huge piles like fred flintstone style, balance of ingredients is important. If you add too much to them they will fall apart and not heat up as well in the center. Big is good but keep in mind if it is super huge it will not fit in your mouth hole. "Original Reuben Sandwich story, and my best Reuben Recipe on Light Rye bread" by shannonpatrick17: Cooking St. Patrick's Day Food Luck Of The Irish
Stuff from my uncle for St. Patricks Day. A little early, but still love it! ^-^ Stpatricksday Luck Of The Irish Green
4 Leaf Clover Clover Lucky Luck Of The Irish Irish Tranquil Scene Low Angle View Leaf Growth Green Color Plant Nature Beauty In Nature Freshness Outdoors Close-up Fragility No People Day Growth Pacific Northwest  Autumn Oregon
3 Leaf Clover Lines Limited Focus Green Luck Of The Irish
Backgrounds Abstract Full Frame Multi Colored Vibrant Color No People Nature Outdoors Fine Art Photography Cloudporn Clouds Nature Taking Photos Enjoying Life My Point Of View Outdoor Photography Rainbow Rainbow Colors Rainbow Clouds Saint Patrick's Day Luck Of The Irish Sky
Shamrock Irish Girl Luck Of The Irish Taking Photos Hello World Eyeemphotography Nature Eye Em Nature Lover Hi!
Honor7 Growth Green Color Nature Plant Outdoors Luck Lucky Luck Of The Irish Outdoor Photography Outdoor Mobilephotography Mobile Photography Nature Photography Kleeblatt Klee Beauty In Nature
Luck Of The Irish
This is pretty much my life well ...... Im irish ! Luck Of The Irish Kiss Me Im IRISH
Pensacola 17th Street Bridge Open Edit Taking Photos Graffiti Art St Patrick's Day Luck Of The Irish Through Glass Bridge Graffiti Through My Windshield Green Green Green!
Hanging Out Saint Patrick's Day Irish Luck Of The Irish
Daily double Luck Of The Irish Fourleafclover Check This Out A Day In The Life Luckygirl
Luck Of The Irish
Ireland Luck Of The Irish New Socks Lucky Socks #bestfriend
Corned Beef, the before picture. Born on Saint Patrick's Day, I like to celebrate this Irish-American classic dish. -In the United States and Canada, consumption of corned beef is often associated withSaint Patrick's Day. Corned beef is not considered an Irish national dish, and the connection with Saint Patrick's Day specifically originates as part of Irish-American culture, and is often part of their celebrations in North America. Corned beef was used as a substitute for bacon by Irish-American immigrants in the late 19th century. Corned beef and cabbage is the Irish-American variant of the genuinely Irish dish of bacon and cabbage. A similar dish is the New England boiled dinner, consisting of corned beef, cabbage, and root vegetables such as carrots, turnips, and potatoes, which is popular in New England and parts of Atlantic Canada. St. Patrick's Day Food Cooking Luck Of The Irish
Portraiture Men Protrait Vikingline Luck Of The Irish.
Luck Of The Irish
Gold coins for luck as an illustration for St Patrick's day with horsehose and green hat Gold Green Color Horseshoe Luck Luck Of The Irish Lucky Rustic St Patrick's Day Wooden Table Gold Coin Gold Coins Green Hat Overflowing St Patrick Top Hat Wood - Material
Gold coins for luck as an illustration for St Patrick's day with horsehose and green hat Gold Green Color Horseshoe Luck Luck Of The Irish Lucky Rustic St Patrick's Day Wooden Table Gold Coin Gold Coins Green Hat Overflowing St Patrick Top Hat Wood - Material
Gold coins for luck as an illustration for St Patrick's day with horsehose and green hat Gold Green Color Horseshoe Luck Luck Of The Irish Lucky Rustic St Patrick's Day Wooden Table Gold Coin Gold Coins Green Hat Overflowing St Patrick Top Hat Wood - Material
Gold coins for luck as an illustration for St Patrick's day with horsehose and green hat Gold Green Color Horseshoe Luck Luck Of The Irish Lucky Rustic St Patrick's Day Wooden Table Gold Coin Gold Coins Green Hat Overflowing St Patrick Top Hat Wood - Material
EyeEmNewHere 4 Leaf Clover 4 Natural Neat Special Cool Four Leaf Clover Lucky Luck Shamrock Luck Of The Irish Irish Human Hand Hand One Person Holding Real People Finger Close-up Focus On Foreground Plant Part Leaf Green Color Nature Outdoors Human Finger Plant Day EyeEmNewHere EyeEmNewHere
EyeEmNewHere Black And White Green Eagle Eyes Look What I Found One In A Million Luck Of The Irish 4 Leaf Clover Irish Lucky Luck Shamrock Wood - Material Close-up Table No People Directly Above High Angle View Nature Still Life Plant Part Leaf Plant Natural Pattern Textured  Leaf Vein EyeEmNewHere
💜💚When Irish eyes are smilin, they're usually up to something💚💜 Im Haunting You Have A Great Weekend! Luck Of The Irish Shamrock Smirking My Arse Off Only Women Happy St. Patricks Day St Patrick's Day Irish Beauty Young Women Portrait Beautiful Woman Beauty Beautiful People Leaf Females Flower Looking At Camera Women Human Lips Lip Gloss