morning walk Sefosabaciptagelar
abah muiz Sefosabaciptagelar
abis sarapan di imah gede Sefosabaciptagelar Sefo
this was what they called biking track prepare for biking, reality was hiking while carrying a bike or bhiking actually worse than this one Sefosabaciptagelar
dinner at Imah Gede, the big house of kasepuhan ciptagelar Sefosabaciptagelar
everything shall be started with optimistic smile, disregard any obstacle ahead Sefosabaciptagelar
cheerful morning laugh the sun, the air and the hospitality ease the pain of crossing halimun valleys Sefosabaciptagelar
the paddy fields above the village of ciptagelar Sefosabaciptagelar saba
moonlight over Imah Gede Sefosabaciptagelar Sefo
hospitality of society Sefosabaciptagelar
end of photo grid