Summer is over. Now rainy season is coming. Great adventures mere to comes. Setyourselffree Solotraveler Adventurer Livefree Backpackersarchive
Soon ill be your conqueror. Backpackersarchive Backpacking Mountaineering Hiking Livefree Setyourselffree Natgeoadventurre
In every climb we made, there's always reason behind why your climbing. In my team its not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. Hilary is truly right of this... Remember archiver "were not just a team but a family". Backpackersarchive Mountaineering Hiking Climbing Enjoynglife Livefree Freeyourself
Reaching every top of every adventure isnt easy. Sometimes you have to the the risk in order for you to fullfill what your aiming to achive. Me im proud i have it, im proud mountaineer and a proud archiver. Mountaineering Climbing Livefree Freeyourself Backpackersarchive Hiking
My finest group of outdoors enthusiasts... taken during Penta Day Hike.Hiking Climbing Mountaineering Livefree Setyourselffree Backpacking Backpackersarchive