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At the American Museum Of Natural History III. · New York City New York USA Manhattan Museum History Display Exhibition Taking A Break Pause Enjoying The View Pondering View From Behind Becoming Art Light And Shadow Darkness &c. Pp.
Over The Roofs of Munich. · München Germany 089 Summer People Party Blue Sky Drinks With Friends Showcase July &c. Pp.
Guess What—the Legendary, Gorgeous, Beautiful Hamburg Speicherstadt ;) · Germany 040 Hamburgmeineperle Hafen City Warehouses Warehouse Storagehouse Trade Commerce History Architecture Iconic Buildings Iconic Landmark Water Light And Shadow Golden Hour The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) &c. Pp.
Two Drinks (New York In Ashes at the Walrus Bar). · Hamburg Germany 040 Bar Cocktail Bar Cocktails🍹 Glasses Bar Photo A Night Out Night Photography Drinks With Friends Dim Lighting Indoors  Relaxed Atmospheric &c. Pp.
Lonely Path Ahead. · Hamburg Germany 040 Walkway Night Walk Walking Around Urban Exploration Urban Nature Night Lights Night Photography Mystery Spooky &c. Pp.
New York. · New York City New York ❤ NYC USA Manhattan New York At Night Cityscape Skyline Urban Landscape Architecture City Design Traffic City Lights Night Lights Night Photography Night Darkness &c. Pp.
Werder Bremen vs. Eintracht Frankfurt  at Weserstadion Bremen. (Delayed.) · Germany Osterdeich Stadium Bundesliga Football Match Football Real Football Fussball Football Field Players Sports Playing Winning Crowd Fans Sunny Day &c. Pp.