When I reflect on the current state of life in countries like Haiti, I am reminded of the millions of dollars & 90+ years of repayment to France they were forced to make to settle their debt for freeing themselves from slavery. Today the country is like no other. We seem to fail when we don't recognise the horrendous atrocities that were done to the millions of Africans enslaved and brought to the Caribbean. Today most of the Caribbean is still infected with the after effects of hundreds of years of systematic slavery. The enslavers however have enjoyed boisterous industries, insane wealth and an open ability to walk freely on earth without fear of any kind. Today the great grandsons and granddaughters of those enslavers visit the Caribbean to stay in family homes of the highest order. They inherit businesses that run these countries. All without making any type of amends. Today I remember. TBT  Letsgetreal Slaverywasasuccess Reparationstoday Haiti
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