People walking at a distance

A walk on the Pier, down on the Walk Way -some Friendships are special. Horizon Over Water Lighthouse Ocean Ocean View Peace And Quiet Quay Scenics Sea Sky The Way Forward Tranquil Scene Tranquility Walkway Water People Walking  People Walking Away People Walking At A Distance People Walking On Pier Europe
I like very much that white building at the end of the street; it looks like a bride. all dressed in white. Architecture Black And White Building Building Exterior City City Center City Life City Street Crossing The Street Palm Trees Palms People Walking At A Distance Road Street Street Photography The Way Forward Urban Life Valencia, Spain Monochrome Photography Embrace Urban Life
Breaker Foggy Nature Photography Duluth Minnesota USA Fog Duluth Nature Waves, Ocean, Nature The Great Outdoors With Adobe Sky Water Lake Water Reflections Minnesota People Walking At A Distance Optical Illusions Optical Illusion