Untill we meet again

This is a pictire of my grandmother while she is in a race. Yes my grandmother was an classic racecar driver she was also the woman who raised me. She has always been a symble of family home and a great role model... on this saturday it will be one year since she passed. She was only 67 years old and had just 2 years as retierd befor cancer got to her. It is a strange thing to say that she is gone, that such a big part of my life is gone. It still hurts and I am still mad, mad because cancer is never fair, she was healty retired gymnastic teacher, there were never a day when she would just sit still if she could avoid it. She was taken to early and to fast and the healing will take time and I'm not sure I will ever truly heal. I can only hope that there is a heaven and that I someday might see her again. Untill we meet grandma I shall follow your trail Life Is Adventure Explore Discover Pursue Love Family Grandma Rolemodel RaceCardriver How Awsome Is That Untill We Meet Again
Sadness fills my heart as I lost my best friend/life sister to drugs just befor Christmas πŸ’”πŸ˜­ my 5yr old Neice has had my sadness in her hands since this has happened ❀️ she knows that without her extra love and cuddles I would not of made it threw this πŸ˜ƒ she is my sunshine when it rains and I am truly blessed to have her in my life ❀️ Family is key ❀️ Real People Family❀ Memories Fighting The Pain Inside Such A Beautiful Angel Never Forgotten  Pictures Say 1000words Untill We Meet Again In Loving Memory.
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