"Hello. My name is Zoé . My pack leader is busy helping other guests. What can I do for you?" I'm usually alone on Nightshift . Tonight is the first time I brought my dog. She wore herself out exploring the grounds. I've had a ball watching her react to things she's not used to. Like stairs, and the pool, and the long hallway lined with doors, and vending machines. Now that we're done with the grand tour its time to start her in on Employeeorientation that way I can get started Sleepingontheclock . Lol Constantcompanion Petportrait Doglover Dogsofinstagram MyBFFisadog Workpartner Dogdays Instadog Hospitality Hotel Hound Office Canine Petsofinstagram Pitbulls Rescueanimal Pitbulllove Dogsatwork Guarddog Petprotect