Sometimes some wild animals get so attractive that you can't hold down your camera to get them clicked.... Cousinescat Dingysweeper Shahzebinc
A cloudy weather... MargallaHills Cloudcover Shahzebinc
Green islamabad....owsum weather,margalla hills. Shahzebinc Proudtobeislamabadian Naturelovers
Margalla hill forest.... Naturelove Randomphotography Naturalphotography Shahzebinc
Random photography. Macrophotography Shahzebinc
Plants and flowers are the things which do not needs makeover.That is why I prefer them over girls photographs😝😝 Shahzebinc Macrophotography Flowers Photographypassion
Plants are essentials,makes our surroundings. Macrophotography Shahzebinc
Sometimes we have to get more closer to focus small things... Shahzebinc
Random pet.playing with new lens Macrophotography Shahzebinc
As forever plants and flowers attracts my attention and I captured them. Shahzebinc Photographypassion Macrophotography Plant
Macrophotography Shahzebinc Plantsandflowers
Another one... Shahzebinc Macrophotography Plant . Photographypassion . Gogreen
Macro trial for taking pictures. Macro Photography Shahzebinc
Randomly taken...fancy minarets lights. Shahzebinc Macrophotography
Another... Macrophotography Shahzebinc Plantslove
Toxic items.... Shahzebinc Macrophotography Photographypassion Marlboro Pakistansmostusedbrand
Plants are essentials.... Naturelove Macrophotography Greenplants Shahzebinc
Random photography.playing with new lens 50mm 1.8. Macrophotography Shahzebinc .
Plants are essentials.Nature covered in small things... Plants Greens Macrophotography Shahzebinc
Cars and cameras are the two things I let myself be materialistic about.I don't care about other stuff. Carsphotography Toyotapasso Myride Mystuff Shahzebinc
Shahzebinc Photography
Lights are sometimes used to distract and but always be attractful. Shadikilights Shahzebinc Photography
Macro trial. Macro Photography Shahzebinc
Manual photography with detailed and delayed time interval.first trial,knows need little improvement Shahzebinc Fireworksparks
Lights bouquet. Shahzebinc Randomclick Macrophotography Photographypassion Lights
Plants are essentials. Naturalphotography Greenplants Islamabad Shahzebinc
Plants are essentials.... Macrophotography Shahzebinc Canon
Margalla hills.... Randomphotography Eurasianorogeny Naturallandscape Shahzebinc