Temp this morning was 27 degrees Igers Aphotoaday Instaaday KampusLife Udsinsta FinalYearTins
Swimming with the fishes....first Phase of Project is complete..Yaayyyy.....FinalYearTins KampusLife Aquaculture
Evening lectures.....bored to the core... FinalYearTins Igers Instaaday Aphotoaday
Sierra filtered... How a final year spends his day.. FinalYearTins Igers Instaaday KampusLife InstaUDS
The boredom that comes with evening lectures.. KampusLife FinalYearTins Igers
And my culinary skills passed the test.... Getting a lot of Carbs in my I officially greet you...Good Morning Foodporn Foodian KampusLife FinalYearTins Igers Instafood Healthyfood add a hashtag.. :-)
Land Policy Lecture on deck KampusLife FinalYearTins
Stay in Party is up. Date is 16th May at NH1 forecourt, Udsgh - Navrongo campus. Now you have every right to Party!! I'm repping.... FinalYearTins
Veggies , stay off cos today, we're bringing down the house.. Houseparty FinalYearTins Meat and MoreMeat Khebab
Earlybird filtered.. High contrast... Gangster wannabe.. Haha KampusLife FinalYearTins Udsinsta
SomeNights ......SomeNights I ditch Twitter and actually get serious with my books.... BIO421 on deck .. AnimalBehaviour KampusLife FinalYearTins Igers Allnighters Getalife Learntilltheresnothingtolearn Imprinting Operantcondition Abusinghashtags hahaha Udsinsta TeamUDS
When boredom takes over you in the Lecture hall, u tend to give praise to Instagram Igers Instaaday Udsinsta KampusLife FinalYearTins
It is over...finally the trimester has ended.... FinalYearTins Udsinsta Aphotoaday
Last paper was today. Meaning I'm done with Uni Life. Thank God. A picture with this wonderful duo was just appropriate. Some good people i met in Uni KampusLife FinalYearTins Udsgh
This brother over here is the first person I spoke to when I got to Uds ....and for four years, we've been close...genius by birth btw... KampusLife FinalYearTins Igers Instaaday Aphotoaday Photooftheday
At the FinalYearTins party. Now that's the kinda sandwich a brother would always want to be .. Party
In focus... Churchtins FinalYearTins ... Igers Instaaday Aphotoaday
All in a day's movement...from left to right, Yours truly, Enoch, and Janet... Biology class 2014, Igers Instaaday Udsinsta KampusLife FinalYearTins CourseMateLove
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