A couple of school kids going to school...on their bike.. I heart Navrongo KampusLife Education Ghana Ghana360 Igers
Temp this morning was 27 degrees Igers Aphotoaday Instaaday KampusLife Udsinsta FinalYearTins
Sipping chilled Yoghurt ....prepping for MGT 401 ... Nowplaying Part Two, On the ft Beyonce Holygrail KampusLife Udsinsta Ghana360 TeamUDS
Swimming with the fishes....first Phase of Project is complete..Yaayyyy.....FinalYearTins KampusLife Aquaculture
Look well.... Corporal punishment in schools.. Ghana Ghana360 Igers Aphotoaday Instaaday KampusLife
25.08.2017 Antalya Akdeniz Üniversitesi Kampus  KampusLife Agac Missgibi Yeşillik Adınıbilmiyorum Palmiye ? Tree Sky Nature Day No People Road Akdenizuniversity Upök Morning Sabah Green
Kenkey + Shito .. Lunch on deck! KampusLife Foodian Foodporn Foodgasm Foodian good food made in Ghana Ghana360
After Final Year presentation. All smiles..thank God UDS14 KampusLife 2014grads
Havn't been aggressive like this in ages.. Selfie KampusLife
Kampus  KampusLife Low Section Person Grass Shoe Togetherness Standing Green Color Leisure Activity High Angle View Field Love Personal Perspective Footwear Day Casual Clothing Green Growth Outdoors Grassy
I'm in good mood.. I'm done with my lectures for the day Instamood Goodmood Fun KampusLife
Sierra filtered... How a final year spends his day.. FinalYearTins Igers Instaaday KampusLife InstaUDS
Hausakoko for the morning...attache was Bofrot ... KampusLife Igers Foodian Foodgasm Ghana Breakfast Ghana360
Lunch was FriedYam with Shito and Yaazi Foodian Foodporn Foodgasm Food made in Ghana KampusLife
See, Bike! KampusLife Udsinsta
This is the situation when the going gets tough... Morphy richards iron is not only for ironing KampusLife
Italian lunch Foodgasm Foodian KampusLife
The boredom that comes with evening lectures.. KampusLife FinalYearTins Igers
FoodMadeInGhana Foodgasm Foodporn KampusLife Ghanafood Ghana360 Gob3 for life.
Look what I found at the Biology lab... Biologystudent KampusLife Labwork FinalyearTin
100happydays day 4... pie with @viva_obeezy KampusLife Igers Foodian
Sutro filtered. Game face is on. Last week in Navrongo UDS14 2014grads Udsgh KampusLife
KampusLife ...Scc Choreographers... Loving the Music .. Udsinsta Igers Instaaday
And my culinary skills passed the test.... Getting a lot of Carbs in my I officially greet you...Good Morning Foodporn Foodian KampusLife FinalYearTins Igers Instafood Healthyfood add a hashtag.. :-)
Land Policy Lecture on deck KampusLife FinalYearTins
A typical school in Ghana ...over here students are given plots to work on every morning, the plots merge together and at the end of the day, we have a clean school compound. Instaaday Ghana360 KampusLife
Earlybird filtered.. High contrast... Gangster wannabe.. Haha KampusLife FinalYearTins Udsinsta
Tomorrow from 8am - 9am, let's talk about Google Maps and how to use it. Venue is the Spanish Lab UDS Navrongo Campus, Ghana KampusLife Googlemaps
SomeNights ......SomeNights I ditch Twitter and actually get serious with my books.... BIO421 on deck .. AnimalBehaviour KampusLife FinalYearTins Igers Allnighters Getalife Learntilltheresnothingtolearn Imprinting Operantcondition Abusinghashtags hahaha Udsinsta TeamUDS
SomeNights .. life of a biology student....murdered Evolution  last night .. feeling accomplished ... 100happydays day 6 KampusLife
Life of a Freshman in the Uni ...busily reading the Faculty handbook.. let it go bruv.. KampusLife Udsinsta
When boredom takes over you in the Lecture hall, u tend to give praise to Instagram Igers Instaaday Udsinsta KampusLife FinalYearTins
I'm up, yet this palm oil is still sleeping. Gobelism KampusLife Gobe
Cold wind here keeps me still in bed... València filtered Igers Instaaday KampusLife Udsinsta
The day i made SauspagNamd .. To learn Howto make this nutritious food, check last post. KampusLife Foodian
Hands of a Spartan...from Sparta break Africa ...move along Pebblers Pebble PebbleSmartWatch Ghana360 InstaGhana KampusLife
Moon Star Moonlight ❤ Malatya, Turkey İnönüÜniversitesi KampusLife Ninght Snow ❄ Winter Cold Days Cold Winter ❄⛄ Winter Trees Trees Lamps
Riisefiltered ... Sundaytoken Igers Nowords Instaaday KampusLife Udsgh
Last paper was today. Meaning I'm done with Uni Life. Thank God. A picture with this wonderful duo was just appropriate. Some good people i met in Uni KampusLife FinalYearTins Udsgh
Now, nobody is gonna tell you that I'm feeling lazy to get out of bed... Harmattan winds is taking effect.. KampusLife Ghana360 Igers Sutro filtered
Memories.. From left to right.. Me, Divine, Anika, Peter.. After first year TTFPP (third trimester field practical program) pix taken at Pong Tamale KampusLife Udsgh Aphotoaday Ghana360
This brother over here is the first person I spoke to when I got to Uds ....and for four years, we've been close...genius by birth btw... KampusLife FinalYearTins Igers Instaaday Aphotoaday Photooftheday
I mistakenly spill just a drop of the stew on the floor.....guess what happened....Earthquake !... Stew tastes good... Perfect Chef ... Igers Instafood Foodian Foodgasm Foodporn KampusLife
With the right track u can walk for miles. Listen to this when u wanna walk the night away.. KampusLife
Today's 23rd June, final year Project presentation, Presentation App downloaded on my Pebble , dressing Formal today - wish me Luck :-) KampusLife Pebblers PebbleSmartWatch UDS14 2014grads
Like if you can relate. Been using this torchlight since 1st year. Goes with me anytime I take my night walks. KampusLife Torchlight Vintage
Shoes and sneakers in their natural state. KampusLife Instafun Reebok Swiss
A snippet of my final year project presentation. Can't wait for 23rd UdsGhana 2014grads KampusLife
KampusLife Ghana Ghana360 caption this...Fun Igers
Graduate barber... KampusLife