I'm a Ghanaian, and I believe that the President should sit up! To address the current Economic crises this my beloved country is facing This and every Friday , I'm wearing my voice, I'm wearing something Red to join in the peaceful protest happening online, tweeting the issues the Government need to address with the Redfriday hash tag. Wearing Red means I'm not associated with any political parties (I barely know them). What I think matters now is that, I want Ghana to work again. Join in the campaign. Let's get Ghana working Occupyflagstaffhouse OccupyGhana Activism Aluta Protest GhanaCanWorkAgain
OccupyFlagstaff OccupyGhana Ghana
We won't stop until demands are met. 1. The ever depreciating nature of the Cedi Redfriday OccupyGhana Occupyflagstaffhouse Ghana Pebble Pebblers