Officeloving The earphones is the best mate you can have in the Office. It says the right rhythms to your ears , blocking all the noise from the world to help you concentrate on the task at hand. Whenever im plugged in, i jam to the best of @coldplay Photocred: Enoch Robot Boy Appiah Jr (©2016) AndroidPhotography Nofilter Mobilephotography Snapseed Afterlight Vscocam HDR Iger Goodmusic Musicwedeyfeel Music
Officeloving The Cup is sometimes turned as the Sachet Water Holder. I think the proces of recycling started from the office Photocred : Enoch "RobotBoy" Appiah Jr. (©2016) AndroidPhotography Mobilephotography Macro Shot Office Ghana360 Africa Recycle HDR Vscocam Afterlight