The toughest part in life is not when you fall and need to get up again, it is when you fall for the second time, because it is tougher to get up, move on, take things in the right spirit and work hard for your dreams. 😊 Nikond3200 Mumbai_uncensored Jj_forum_1506
We fall, we get up and we fall again, And again, we learn to move on, This 'again' is the toughest. This 'again' is more painful. This 'again' has more venom to spread. But you have to, because you need to and because you deserve it. Go for a walk alone, see the sunset, sip your favorite drink, It might sulk a little to see others together, But the gush of wind will make you forget the rest. DSWriteUps Captivatingcaptions Unmutteredmusings Fromscribblestowriting Flowers Nature Phodus Phodus_competition Jj_forum_1506
Trying to get out of comfort "clicks"! The only thing that was purchased my me in this picture is the cell phone! 🙈😛 Happilyunmarried Quietchaotics Myhappyframe Loveformygrid Myecstaticvibes  Iimwomen _soi Travelgram Myhallaphoto Phodus Photooftheday Trelltalemumbai Jj_forum_1506
We expect that it will give us happiness, hence we hold on to it, when as a matter of fact we won't be happy. We try to ignore, forget, try to push ourselves out of this, but one text, one call is all that needs to change things. Haha, weird. DSWriteUps Flowersinmyframe Captivatingcaptions Unmutteredmusings Fromscribblestowriting Simplicityeverywhere Beautyineverspot Flowers Nature Solitarypixels Beautyineverspot Phodus Phodus_competition Jj_forum_1506
"Accept the fact that you will grow apart from people you’ve had significant relationships with. Understand when someone no longer positively affects your life. Let them go. Don’t hinder your growth." Flowersinmyframe Afadingworld Simplicityeverywhere Phodus Phodus_competition Jj_forum_1506
I love postcards, and I got this on my birthday from Deeksha 😘😘 @deekshasarkar And for all those in doubt, Dino is the short form for dinosaur and NOT Dino Morea! 🙄 "Baby dino" is the pet name give to me by Shannon @shannon_rochelle94 , who is leaving us and going to Dubai! Bitch.😼 Happilyunmarried Quietchaotics Myhappyframe Loveformygrid Myecstaticvibes  Iimwomen Jj_forum_1506