We drove them away. The sky is beginning to get blue, some deathly red could still be seen on the far horizon, though. We were united, for a cause. Unprecedented and unforeseen, it was one world order. Together we fought for our freedom. And now we stand testimony to what transpired, saluting the faithful departed. Borderlinebetweeninsaneandeccentric Notsorandomafterall Ig23 C0m Chance Photography Instagram Amigoinginsane Apegoflsd
Is this how the sky would look when they come for us? What you see is a photographers impression of an alien attack. Intense red covering the sky, reflecting on the roads. Imagine being a part of the red chase. Alienattack Notsorandomafterall Borderlinebetweeninsaneandeccentric Ig23 C0m Photography Lenspopart
Are these Nazcalines ? Ok, I know what's coming from some of you, well this not, this is a simple bed linen that has been distorted under certain filters to acquire this look. However doesn't it quite resemble the lesser known parts of Nazca ? OverdoseOfAncientAliens Borderlinebetweeninsaneandeccentric Ig23 C0m Photography Instagram Notsorandomafterall