In the bank,so im gonna open visa card with my own design!Wo-ha,Gangster r here Gangsters Rhere Bank Sberbank Meanddog Brusselgriffon CrazyWe Fuckit Fuckoffbitch
Me and Chips on the way to bank!Sitting close to Policeman,hahah Metro Meanddog Crazydog Brusselgriffon Griffon Subway Fuckoffbitch Fuckit
Juno Winter Springiscoming Natural Grass Idontknowwhatisthis Nice Cool Fillter Beautiful Atdogwalk Withdog Dog Dogy Labrador Meanddog Iloveshe Green
After the bank i went to have my lunch with my crazy griffon ewok dog... Lunch Meanddog Crazydog Brusselgriffon Griffon Fuckoffbitch
end of photo grid