Gshock_Lover Wristwatch Smartphonephotography Black Background No People Indoors  The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards
sunglasses Raybansunglasses Gshock_Lover First Eyeem Photo
"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life" Charles Darwin Streetphotography Style And Fashion Fashion Urbanstreetphotography Fashionista Streetfashion Lifestyles Urbanstyle Streetwear Streetfashionphotography Men Gshock Gshock Collection Gshock_Lover Gshockwatch Casiogshock
Super pretty! Coming next quarter... Gshock_Lover 😊❤️
Cute personalized G! Wanna have this one... Gshock_Lover 😊❤️
smoking kills..kills stress.. Ciggar Ciggarette For A Thousand Problems Gshock_Lover Casio G-shock Dw6900nb7 Eminem Icejelly
I'll be waiting for you this January 2015... Gshock_Lover ❤️
Oh yeah! Will be waiting for you next quarter Baby! Gshock_Lover 😊
Time is running is fast but I'm still here resting . Transportation Land Vehicle Close-up Outdoors Photooftheday GshockCasio Gshock_Lover Time Myslef Busy Lane Resting Time Casiowatch Casiogshock Car Mode Of Transport Wet Drop Tire No People Stationary Road Motorcycle Day Vehicle Part
Dying to have this Paul Walker G-Shock... Love it! ❤️👍 Gshock_Lover
Supercute customized Little Twin Star G-Shock! The 80's babies can definitely relate to this... Gshock_Lover ❤️
Time Close-up Human Body Part Human Hand Day Speed Smile ✌ Rzeszów Poland Rzeszów Outdoors Full Length Poland Kolekcjonerskie Colection Minute Hand Gshock GshockCasio GPW Gpw1000 GshockwatchGshock Collection Gshock_Lover GShock_and_Nixon_Lover G-shock G-shock United By Fate
In Animals We Thrust Habing Fun Real Love  Best Friends Best Cat Ever Textured  Close-up Indoors  No People Backgrounds Day Spirital Connection Open Minded Bpindo Winter Norway Vderd Friends Gshock_Lover Jgfe Frelons
Another customized G-Shock! Time to go military style... Gshock_Lover ❤️
BIRTHDAY GIFTS BE LIKE:- Casio G-Shock "GG-1000" and "GA-110GB". Casio Gshock Collection Watch Lover Watchesofinstagram GshockCasio Gshocknordic Gshock_Lover Gshocksessions Gshockking GShockAddict Gshockwatches_id Casioclassic Sportwatch Gshocksessions Gshocklondon Gshock_id Gshockphilippines Time No People Close-up Navigational Compass Clock White Background Day Minute Hand Outdoors Clock Face
This customized G-Shock is so effin'cute! I never liked floral things but this is definitely an exception. What do you think girls? 😊🌸🌷🌼🌻🌹 Gshock_Lover ❤️
Can't wait to get my hands on these... Super nice! Gshock_Lover 😊❤️
So which one should I get? Help me guys... Gshock_Lover 😊
And I fell in love again... ❤️G-Shock HUF X GD400, coming this May 2015... BlackBeauty Gshock_Lover
One of my custom G's. And I shall call you Charcoal Black... 😊Love it! ❤️ Gshock_Lover
Here's another set due to be released next quarter... Can't wait to get my hands on them... Gshock_Lover 😊
Another cutie pattotie customized G-Shock... Gshock_Lover ❤️
Now which should I choose? Orange or red? Hmmmm... Help me guys... Gshock_Lover ❤️
My version of "Mother and Son"... Gshock_Lover Likemotherlikeson ❤️❤️❤️
I know... I know... I'm an addict and sad to say there's no therapy for this... Hehehe... 😜 Gshock_Lover GShock_Addict ❤️
Coming this May 2015. G-Shock Tricolor Series... Nice! 😊👍 Gshock_Lover
Love Gshock Collection GshockCasio Gshock_Lover
Gshock Gshockwatch Gshock_Lover My Year My View
Super cutie-pattotie na G-Shock! CustomG Gshock_Lover ❤️
Time Close-up Minute Hand No People Watch Gshock Gshock_Lover Ga700se
Deadpool Custom G-Shock... Astig! Gshock_Lover ❤️
At long last, I finally have my New Era. Love! Love! ❤️😊 Gshock Gshock_Lover ❤️
Thursday is Red day for me... Ootd Gshock_Lover ❤