(Disclaimer: this is a rather long narrative. I'm not a concise person.) Yesterday wasn't exactly the most pleasant day of my year so far. I went to the meet from a 10-hour weekend shift without a wink of sleep, my (Alfred's) sandals broke mid hike, traffic was hellish, my dear Galatea (my phone) drowned and is now a suspended corpse, and I was literally feverish upon reaching home. But like all worthwhile things, there will always be a trade-off. It's the way of the world, "no free lunch", they say. These were the prices I paid for experiencing an adventure of a lifetime. Dare I say, the best Instameet I've ever been to. It's effectively the representation of the days theme: MyEarthAction . Some things you forgo (capitalistic things) so you can enjoy what is truly beautiful (hola nature, snaps for CavintiFalls ) New places, new people, new experiences. It was simply amazing. Nothing felt forced, and everything felt natural. Kudos to the organizers, and I hope to partake in more adventures that you'll hopefully concoct in the future. Wwim13 LifeonearthWWIM13 CavintiLaguna WWIM13PH Wwim13_cavinti
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