Frankie says relax! A Freezing morning in LakeKerkini ,the view is from the front of the hotel we stayed. Relaxing with the owner's dogs & cats.. Catherine_d_milosevich_photography Laketrip Lakeview Discovergreece Serres Gr Travelstory Chronicleofatravel
Α beautiful morning in LakeKerkini ! Catherine_d_milosevich_photography Gr Serres Laketrip Discovergreece Travelstory Chronicleofatravel
A walk to remember Catherine_d_milosevich_photography LakeKerkini Naturebeauty Natureadventure Gr Discovergreece Snowmountains
Absolute nothing.. Catherine_d_milosevich_photography Travelstory LakeKerkini Serres Gr Chronicleofatravel Lakeview Naturebeauty