Superb !!!!!!!!!!! For You ;-) Musm IPhone X IPhoneography IPhone OKINAWA, JAPAN Okinawa Food Okinawa Foodporn Superb 拉麵 暖暮 Ramen Noodles Food Freshness Ready-to-eat Egg Egg Yolk Meat Gourmet
感動の再会🍜 上が福岡で下がホーチミン🍜✨ ベトリナ 暖暮 レタントンで偶然発見 福岡で食べた以来 実に半年ぶり 豚骨がやっぱり一番 Didn't know that we have Danbo in hcmc. I've missed you so much tonkotsu ramennnn 💓 It's been a year and a half since I went to Fukuoka...oh my. Hochiminh Vietnam Ramen Foodie