Okonomiyaki is compared to an omelette or pancake which can be called as 'Japanese pizza'. By definition, okonomi is meant by what you like and yaki is meant by cooked or grilled. Thus, it can be called as cooked what you like. Toppings and batters tend to vary according to regions in Japan. Mainly, it is originated from Osaka and Hiroshima. 😚 😚 😚 😚 Japan Pancake OSAKA Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Japanese  Festival Bonodori Penang Esplanade Throwback Yummy Food Foodstagram Foodporn Girleatworld Girleatpenang Vscophile Vsco_hub Vscocam Streetfood Worldwide
One of my favourtite street food is no other than Mochi - a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice. Normally, mochi is prepared and cooked during special occasions such as Japanese New Year. There are different types of filing in mochi such as red bean, white bean and even whole strawberry. However, mochi in Japan and Malaysia has some differences. In Malaysia, it can be found as street food everywhere during whole year round. 😚 😚 😚 😚 Mochi Streetfood Favourite Rice Lovely Delicious YumYum Japanese  Food Foodporn Foodhunter Girleatworld Girleatpenang Vscophile Vsco_hub Vscocam VSCO Streetfood Worldwide
Chillout. 😚 😚 😚 😚 😚 😚 😚 Chillout Desserts Mamamiya Coconut Icecream Redbean Georgetown Bestnya Superb Penang Tastegood Foodstagram Foodporn Food Girleatworld Girleatpenang Vscophile Streetfood Worldwide streetfoodworldwide
Nitrogen ice cream.😚 😚 😚 😚 Desserts Icecream Sweetooth  Georgetown Cafe Thesaferoom Penang Food Lover Heaven Vscocam Vsco_hub Vscophile VSCO Girleatworld Girleatpenang Foodstagram Foodporn Foodhunter