My days with Kuroo is the most beautiful days for this winter actually. Thanks! Winter Snow Cold Temperature Building Exterior Outdoors Architecture EyeEm Best Shots Photojournalism Beauty In Ordinary Things EyeEm Best Edits One Person Taking Photos People Are People Urban Urban Geometry Urbanphotography Urban Escape Poetry Outdoor Photography Landscape_photography Talvipäivä Open Edit City Cityscape Adapted To The City
Kylmää ja pakkasta. 😊 Cold winterday in Finland. Beautiful Winter Winterday Finland Frost Snow Sun Sunday Landscape Landscapephotography Sonyxperia Sonyxperiaz2 Pakkanen Talvipäivä Sunnuntai Maisema
Hei-hei-hei! Can u find me, bbs? 😀 Cold Temperature Winter Snow Nature Frozen Water Day Beauty In Nature Ice Outdoors Talvipäivä Landscape_photography Poetry Urban Geometry Urban Escape Urbanphotography Taking Photos EyeEm Best Edits Beauty In Ordinary Things Photojournalism EyeEm Best Shots Photography No People EyeEm Gallery
Sunset Sky Sun Outdoors No People Nature Day Sunny Sunlight Eye4photography  EyeEm Nature Lover Talvipäivä Poetry EyeEm Best Shots Rear View Beauty In Ordinary Things Nature EyeEm Gallery Winter EyeEm Best Edits Outdoor Photography Sunday Sunset_collection Cold Temperature Snow