Cars And Coffee Nashville

R34 R34 GTR GTR Skyline Nissan Nissan Skyline Carsandcoffee Rb26 Beautiful R34 GT-R from Cars and Coffee Nashville on 05/07/2016! The owner of this R34 lives here in Middle Tennessee, and buys rare Jap spec cars (RX7s, R32s, R33s, R34s, NSXs, Supras, etc.) straight from Japan, imports them to the U.S., and sells them here legally! This particular R34 has an RB26 built with 850AWHP by BMR, bored to 3.0 liter, and N1 head (built to handle up to 1,500 horsepower). @vu_vietnam (Instagram) is selling this car for $85,000 cash only. Stock R34 GT-R specs: All wheel drive, RB26-DETT motor (2.6 liter twin-turbo inline six), 276 horsepower/289 lb-ft torque, 6 speed manual only, right hand drive only.