Far Too often we look for ourselves in others DzyneArts MemoriesofNo1 Life Art Photogenic
All he had was a feeling like he was running out of time, out space, felt like his memory was being erased every day by the minute. Though all he was getting was time when all he wanted was one chance and the irony is that life is so full of seconds about sixty every minute. He scared if he holds to tight he might crush what he hopes for but at the same time he also fears letting slip through his fingers it all could be gone in a minute. When looks at the clock he sees the number of days to go. The number of days that past since. Makes it all the more harder to forget the moments that he missed like they were long lost friends. Buried in the memories of everybody else but still alive in his mind. His memorIes have never been far too kind. The Torture of time. Shortstory RicardsEndlessTheater EVincentRicardIII MemoriesofNo1 WrittenArt WordForMoment
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