Bokkie Park

The next day I was picked up early-ish by Deen and River in The Spaceship (7 Series BMW) .... sooo many buttons to press!!! And we went to Boksburg to a Farewell picnic. A little explanation. The guys I ended up spending the majority of my time with are part of a group that call themselves the Breadcrumbsquad. They're a close-knit unit. Always suporting each other in their art, but also in life in general. They're a family unit, and it fills me with such warm heart-feels to see them at it (on ig, but now in person) So when Max was moving to Cape Town... it's understandably a big thing to them. I was so very happy and touched to be included. I met Max for the 1st time... relaxed with awesome humans among the animals around under the shade of the trees lining the river... we picnicked... we chilled... took photos... i was introduced to a ZA drink called "Katemba" (red wine and coke... it was actually really nice!) It was an awesome way to spend the day surrounded by awesome humans after the full on Instameet the day before. Olympus Olympusinspired Silhouette Rabbit